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Core Assets

SWPAKISTAN' positioning line is, "You'd be surprised how far we'll go for you." This statement is not mere hype; it is our commitment to go beyond the expectations of what companies need from a global logistics provider. How do we accomplish this? By staying focused on our core assets:

++  Our People
++  Our Systems
Our Culture
++  Our Customers


By recruiting, motivating and retaining the best personnel in the business, we feel we will keep our leadership position in the marketplace. Our business is quality customer service and our people are what make that happen. We hire individuals based on attitude, and we train the skills it takes to make a successful career here. SWPAKISTAN' employees, as part of their overall job evaluation, are required to take a minimum of 52 hours per year, of in-house training. Multiple on-going training classes are available at any one time within each SWPAKISTAN office location.


SWPAKISTAN takes control of our destiny by taking control of our systems direction. Moving information in a timely and accurate method is just as important as moving the goods and our systems support our operations teams and our customers in providing them the data they need to successfully manage the movement of their goods. All of our global offices are linked via high-speed lines using the same hardware and running off of the same transportation software. This drives global standardization with timely and accurate communication. We are the leader in the systems arena, and we are continuing to invest in this critical area.


We believe that successful companies have a unique culture, and they work hard to protect that culture. At SWPAKISTAN our culture is about exceeding our customers expectations and providing a place for our employees to make a career and do well for themselves. Our environment breeds success, and you will notice that our people move faster, work harder and are better rewarded than our competition. Our offices are neat, organized and set up in accordance with our quality policies. We are a process driven organization that focuses on continual improvement. It's a simple philosophy that works. We will do all we can to protect our culture.


Our financial success is directly related to our client retention. We have the smallest sales staff in the industry and put more emphasis on taking care of our existing clients than going out and getting new business. We feel that if we partner with the right clients our business will grow with these customers, and our reputation will support our sales staff in obtainment of new partners. We have initiated some very successful programs to support our existing clients including:

++  Account Management Program
++  Quality Management Reviews
++  Service / Vendor Scorecard(s)
++  Formalized Client Retention Programs
++  Focus Groups

We believe that we need to invest in our existing clients in order to grow our business. You are the reason we exist and succeed.

To summarize, when choosing a provider of logistics services, you are buying the people, the systems and the culture of an organization. You must trust that these three critical elements work in harmony on a global basis. To reiterate, at SWPAKISTAN we take great pride in ensuring that our customers get the same level of consistent service everywhere in the world. Our client retention record is a testament to our ability to exceed our customer's expectation and never take their business for granted. Our goal of 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time is something we live by. If given the opportunity, we will surprise you with our capability, our commitment and the subsequent results of our joint efforts.

The bottom line is, SWPAKISTAN has the systems, facilities and most important, the people, to provide companies with a consistent quality service at a competitive price.

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